RICH VAN EVERY - Director- Cinematographer and Photographer

Key attributes:
Cinematographer on Feature Film SPARK - A Burning Man Story 2011
Director for DREAM - The Art and Culture of Burning Man 2012
"Film of the Year" award - 2006 X-Dance film festival for FULL CIRCLE
"Most Innovative Film" X-tremmy Awards 2005 for MOTORHEAD

www.lightworkscreative.tv for video and film work.
www.richvanevery.com for more images and information.

As a film maker at Torrey Pines high school I used to document my friends skateboarding. My interest today lies in creating films that bring education, awareness and empowerment. THE NOW (working title) is in pre-production and online at www.thenowmovie.com.

"Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all" - Helen Keller